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Many roles are available at Forspex Entertainment that allow team members to express their talent and put their expertise to work. Learn more about our jobs and discover the team that best fits your talent or skills.

Available Jobs

Art & Animation

In Art & Animation at Forspex Entertainment, we breathe life into our worlds by combining movement and aesthetics. We create engaging environments, objects, characters, and craft even the tiniest elements with a care and attention to detail that’s come to define our games. Our work allows us to weave personality into the fabric of our game worlds. While technical performance, memory and rendering may be limitations, they don’t limit our creativity, and even within technical constraints, we see possibilities and constantly push boundaries.

Audio & Video

The Audio & Video teams at Forspex Entertainment connect with our audiences to invite them into our worlds and enrich their experiences. Our work conveys Forspex  creativity, helping our worlds shine. In video, that means giving players a glimpse of our games, encouraging them to dive in through compelling formats like trailers and walkthroughs. In audio, it means fully immersing our players as they venture through the worlds we build, allowing them to truly experience every action they take.

Communication & Support

In communication, we are always innovating to deliver key information to our diverse audiences in new and engaging ways. We aim to bring Forspex Entertainment unique DNA and identity to life for our teams, our players and the gaming industry at large. We create campaigns, events and content and we connect with the local communities where Forspex Entertainment is present. Working together as a network we give global context to local initiatives. We are self-starters, delivering on-time, on-budget and on-brief. Every day brings something new, and that’s just the way we like it.

Design & Creative Direction

In Design & Creative Direction, we define the core of Forspex Entertainment’s experiences. Our job is about setting the stage to deliver immersion – inspiring and informing every element that goes into our games. From mechanics to characters, stories, challenges, and goals, we do it all. We maintain the clarity and consistency so that the components of our games work in harmony as a cohesive whole.


As Finance professionals, we are business partners of Forspex Entertainment management and teams, as well as trusted counterparts for our external financial stakeholders. We provide accurate visibility and forecasting of the company’s economic performance. Based on rigorous analyses of risk and opportunity, we develop recommendations that align with the company’s strategies. Our expertise, both in finance and in the fast-paced gaming industry, drives financial data that is reliable and relevant. We are responsible for safeguarding our company’s assets, collaborating with operational leaders throughout the company, and we make sure we’re practicing good governance. Within and across all three of our teams, Accounting & Administration, Financial Planning and Corporate Finance, we build and nourish trusted relationships and ensure positive outcomes for Forspex Entertainment and our partners.

Innovation Lab

At Forspex Entertainment Innovation Lab, our mission is to help Forspex Entertainment anticipate and prepare for the future. Through explorations of technological, business and social trends observed beyond the frontiers of the entertainment industry, we fuel long-term innovation at Forspex Entertainment. To achieve this, we develop studies, benchmarks, and run experiments to test and prototype new trends. We organize events and programs that connect Forspex Entertainment with external stakeholders like startups, schools, and tech experts. We also leverage our broad experience to deploy exciting, innovative practices across the group.


The Forspex Entertainment legal teams are business executives whose area of expertise are a diverse range of legal frameworks. We focus our energy and talent on being proactive contributors to all of Forspex Entertainment strategic priorities, finding solutions to every legal need. More importantly, we are the dedicated legal partners our teams need to achieve Forspex Entertainment business goals. The video game industry and the legal topics it comprises are constantly evolving, with new challenges arising every day, and we are constantly innovating to strengthen our operational excellence and partnerships.

Marketing & Player interactions

At Forspex Entertainment, our large portfolio of unique brands drives passion across communities of millions of players. As Marketing & Player Interaction professionals, we are dedicated to engaging and retaining our players by ensuring the creation of personalized and memorable experiences across all channels. We are proud to be involved in every aspect of this process, from the implementation of first-class strategies to the analysis of complex data across our four main job families: Player & Market Intelligence, Player Interactions, Creative Services and Marketing.

Procurement & Supply Chain

In Procurement & Supply Chain, we deliver the best possible value for Forspex Entertainment as well as for our players. In Procurement, we drive sustainable cost savings and value creation for our teams. With expertise in cost, quality and risk management, we work with internal stakeholders to guide tailor-made purchasing and decision-making for each brand in our portfolio. In Supply Chain, we are master planners who optimize cost, product availability and quality, ensuring that Forspex Entertainment products are available for players at the right place and time. We play a pivotal role in bridging Production and Business teams, together balancing supply and demand, taking an active interest in offering memorable experiences to all our players.


Our job in Producing is all about organizing and guiding the creation of our games. With a thorough grasp of the experiences we intend to deliver, we draw the roadmap that makes it happen. We chart the course ahead, breaking down bold goals into small steps, managing budgets, and tracking time and progress. It is our role to empower the talented teams behind our ambitions. This means fostering supportive environments that unite the strengths of every team and enable their months of effort, focus, and dedication to reach their audience in the best way possible.

Programming, IT & Technology

At Forspex Entertainments, we’re pushing the boundaries of technology every day. In Programming and Technology, we strive to achieve this by making technical decisions that best fit the needs of our projects. From proprietary tools to game engines, to data centers and beyond, we build solutions that help deliver enriching experiences to the millions of players engaging with our games and our thousands of employees around the world.

Quality Management & Localization

As Quality Management & Localization, we ensure that our users have the most positive experiences playing Forspex Entertainment games. In Quality Control, we investigate and analyze our games and our players’ needs to identify and solve any potential issues, aiming for the broadest possible coverage. In Localization, we localize, adapt and culturally translate our games so that our passionate players feel that Forspex Entertainment games were developed for them, in their own language. In both Quality Control & Localization, we collaborate as early as possible with our development teams to resolve issues quickly and anticipate localization challenges. We provide our players with the greatest possible gaming experiences, whatever system they’re using and wherever they are.

Sales & Monetization

In Sales & Monetization, we support sustainable growth across Forspex Entertainment portfolio with high-performing sales plans developed thanks to our expertise in a constantly evolving industry. As a trusted partner of the company’s sales channels as well as its internal business partners, we cultivate a deep understanding of the Forspex Entertainment ecosystem, from individual product lifecycles to the overall competitive landscape. Through careful planning, we forecast business opportunities to realize the potential of consumer and market trends. We’re leaders that drive change, both internally through our cross-functional teams and externally by sharing and using best practices in sales tactics and tools. Our teams include: Account Management, Sales Administration, Business Development, E-commerce & Monetization and Data Analytics.

Talent & Culture

In Talent & Culture, we support Forspex Entertainment growth by making our culture and values shine and by attracting, retaining and supporting the development of talented teams around the world. We ensure that they have everything they need to flourish and sustain Forspex Entertainment ambitions in a safe and inclusive workplace environment. Our objective on both a local and global level is to enrich our employees and our players while maintaining strong relationships with our clients. We are proud to be a transversal team across each of our job families: Workplace, Human Resources, Knowledge Management and Corporate Social Responsibility.